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RockLan One Concert Series


The craving for real music will finally be satiated by the RockLan One Concert Series, a concert series to provide a platform for talented music artists, labels, and producers to network in a venue of live entertainment. RockLan One Concert Series will feature artists in the genres Hip-Hop and R&B, as a response to the growing need for diversity on the stage.

The event will also give independent and national artists, producers, songwriters, as well as DJs from various genres of music, the opportunity to introduce themselves and new music to the general public through live performances and display booths to sell merchandise and promote their services, products, etc. This event will also give novices to the industry the chance to network, learn, and hear from leaders in the industry, including executives, managers and label representatives. RockLan One Concert Series has showcased a variety of talented artists who have been featured on networks like VH1, BET and MTV.

RockLan One Concert Series is a production effort of ‘Production One’. This successful production company has over 15 years of experience in producing and promoting music events featuring emerging artists while introducing them to the mainstream market. “Our purpose is to be the catalyst for bringing change to the music industry, one artist at a time; It’s time we made a real dent with quality music. We are committed to bringing upscale artists who give you the full package of strong vocals and lyrical content.”



‘Collision Course’ Music and Fashion Series is a unique fusion of music and fashion – the hottest music and fashion event the world has ever seen… it is more than an event – it’s a brand – a brand that transcends the worlds of music and fashion… The concert series consists of an upbeat high-energy show that fuses music, fashion, and models into one amazing event! Models will walk the runway donning the latest apparel from designers as artists provide the musical backdrop that brings energy to the stage and electrifies the crowd. “In light of current shows that are popping up all over town, we wanted to make sure that people know that ‘Collision Course’ always been about giving a platform to artists and the response from the previous shows was so overwhelming that we felt like we need to continue to go out and build line-ups that would continue to prove that we are the hottest concert series that mixes music with fashion.” Collision Course Music and Fashion Series is sponsored by RockLan One.